Shamanic Healing


Shamanic Treatments

I’m a Shamanic Practitioner located in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. I offer various Shamanic Treatments and Divination (seeking information or advice from helping spirits). I have all my Shamanic Training with Foundation of Shamanic Studies. I strictly follow the ethics and the practices that are instructed from the Foundation. Currently, the focus of my Shamanic work is mainly in distance healing. I also see clients in person in Richmond Hill.

Here is the general information of how I offer my Shamanic Treatments.


1) The treatments usually begins with an email. Email the concerns that you’d like to address to I’ll contact with you within 2-5 days. With your permission, I’ll connect with my helping spirits for direction and information about your questions and see if there’s any messages or healing that can be done for you.

2) After receiving the information from my helping spirits, I’ll email you the information and explain the details about the messages and healing. Before we go ahead with any Shamanic Treatments, I’ll make sure you fully understand what the treatments are about. At this point, you can decide if you would like to go ahead with it. It’s totally your own decision.

3)  Once you decide to go ahead with the Shamanic Treatments, we will set up an appointment for the healing. As I mentioned, you can see how you feel about the treatments. It is not mandatory to go ahead. It all depends on your feeling.


Being a Shamanic Practitioner is like being a bridge between the other realm and our day to day life. After a client contacts with me , I’ll start the work with a basic divination to get the information from my helping spirits. My role is to be the communicator between the client and my helping spirits.

I usually give my client the information and advice I get from the divination with two different ways which will be instructed by my helping spirits.

1) In email writing

2) On the phone/Skype/Line with a conversation.

What kind of question can a client ask?

The questions can vary. I have people asking me questions about health, marriage, relationship, self-development, lost pets, family who passed away, career, a big trip, family issue or general well-being.

Shamanic Healing:

With some concerns and questions from the client, my helping spirits might offer shamanic healing. Here are some Shamanic methods that I use. Shamanic Healing can’t be done like ordering from the menu. The methods that I’ll use for the client in the particular sessions are instructed by my helping spirits. Client can choose if he/she would like to go ahead or not.

1. Power Animal/Spiritual Guide Retrieval: Connect the client with the spiritual power.

2. Extraction: Removing the energy that doesn’t belong to the client.

3. Soul Retrieval: Restoring the soul parts the client lost after traumatic experiences.

4. Empowerment: Bringing the healing power of my helping spirits to the client.

5. Psychopomp: Taking the soul cross over the the light and/or checking the status of the family member who passed away.

Other Services:

1. Reiki

2. Communicating with Animals. 

3. Looking for Missing Animals. 


-Distant Healing:

The initial communication about the client’s question is free. Once the client gives me the permission to do divination about the question, I charge CAD$40 for the divination. Fee  has to be paid before divination starts. If there’s healing that has to be done for the client, I charge CAD$60 for the treatments my helping spirits instruct me to do. Sometimes, my helping spirits would instruct me that there are two or more treatments that have to be done and they have to be done apart. For example, my helping spirits instruct me to do two times of extractions and soul retrieval for a client. They would ask me to book two appointments with the client. I still just charge $60. The fee for client’s healing is per instruction.

-In Person:

The charge for in person healing is CAD$65 flat.

Payment Method:

I take PayPal. Please ask me for the payment link. Or you can click the payment link below and enter the amount you’re paying.

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