Shamanic Treatments

Common Shamanic Treatments (but not limited)

Power Animal Retrieval

Connect the spiritual power for the client.


Removing the energy that doesn’t belong to the client.

Power Soul Retrieval

Restoring the vital soul parts that the client lost because of various reasons and/or that the client is ready to receive for the next stage of his/her life.


When client's soul is weak, he/she may encounter the intrusion. To empower the client means bringing the healing power of my helping spirits to the client. It helps to build up client's spiritual immunity.


Taking the soul cross over to the light and/or checking the status of the family member who passed away and bring back the messages if any.


Being a Shamanic Practitioner is like being a bridge between the other realm and our day to day life. My role is to be the communicator between the client and my helping spirits. After a client contacts with me , I’ll start the work with a basic divination to get the information from my helping spirits and see if any treatments or what treatments can be done for the clients. The first basic divination is free. Shamanic Healing cannot be done like ordering food from the menu. The treatments given to the client in the particular sessions are instructed by my helping spirits. After reviewing the message of my basic divination, client decides if he/she would like to go ahead.

Ritual and Soul Work

Ritual and/or soul work can be suggested by helping spirits. If they are suggested, I will inform the client with the details. They assist client to process and integrate the healing.

Family and Systemic Constellation

Discover people’s entanglements in the fates of previous members of client’s families. We use figurines to set up the energy field of the client’s family system. When the energy field and the interaction among family