Shamanic Healing

~True healing comes from our willingness to face ourselves. A healer is a facilitator and a supporter to assist the client in the process. The magic of healing is the power a client has always had in him/her.

Shamanic Healing is an ancient healing technique generally existing in different traditions or tribal cultures.

Shaman or Shamanic Practitioner use rhythimic percussion, herbal medicine, singing and dancing or other methods  to achieve altered state of consciousness and enter the non-ordinary reality.

In the deep level of trance, Shaman/Shamanic Practitioner receives direct revelation from spirit world for getting information (divination) or healing. Shaman or Shamanic Practitioner has unique and deep relationship with spirits who are kind, loving, benevolent and willing to support human beings spiritually.

The main purpose of shamanic healing is to restore personal power. 

Spiritually, personal power loss causes disease, depression, addiction, accidents, chronical bad luck and so forth.

How did we lose personal power?

From shamanic perspective, traumatic event is one of the reasons we lost our power. When someone loses power, it also means he/she loses a part of their soul. One’s soul that protects us from the traumatic impact temporarily leaves one’s body during the event. It’s a self-protective mechanism. However, the soul part sometimes does not come back by itself.

One loses a vital part of oneself. Therefore, the “empty part” in the energy field might be occupied by some intrusive energy that doesn’t belong to oneself.  The intrusive energy might cause health, emotional and spiritual issues.

Soul loss and intrusive energy that doesn’t belong are two main things shamans or shamanic practitioners deal with. These two can cause vicious cycle which the more soul parts one lose, the more intrusive energy has space to occupy, the more intrusive energy in ones field, the weaker one’s spiritual immunity can be, and the higher chance one can be subject to body, mind and soul issues in life.

To get to the bottom of it, we can see that increasing personal power is the root of the issue. That is where shaman and shamanic practitioners would like to get to.

My Shamanic Healing Principles:

Many clients ask me “Is shamanic healing a magical way to easily take away unwanted situation in life?”

Yes, and no.

When you step into the shamanic practice, you might start to see this work is full of magic and wonder. I witnessed many micro miracles in my practice.

But, I don’t think shamans or shamanic practitioners can take away all the bad, unwanted or unhealed part in a client with ease immediately. No one can take away anything the client wants to hold on to.

Shamanic healing is a tool for the client to go deeper and restore his/her personal power. Client’s intention and willingness play a big role during the process. It is not an easy process. Sometimes, there might be layers and layers of pain coming to the surface during the process. Trust the process which is a journey to dive in deep to know one’s true self and break habitual patterns.

In many clients, I see their strong will and intention to heal. They are ready to release what no longer serves them well, to restore, to change and to embrace the possibilities of a new self.

This is a journey…definitely not a simple one but it’s worth the adventure.

Therefore, I see myself as a facilitator for my clients. I connect with my helping spirits to provide information, teachings and healing. I do not force my clients to do what they are not willing to do. Freewill is fully respected. The ones who are giving the information, teachings and healing are the loving and kind helping spirits. I am only a bridge who facilitates the process.

This is a place you can feel safe. I honour client’s confidentiality and readiness in the process.