How To Book Your Shamanic Healing Treatments

How To Book Your Shamanic Healing Treatments

Step 1: Email Mira

Email me the issue you would like to work on at . Summarize the issue you would like to have the treatment on. It doesn't need to be in a great detail.

What kind of question can a client ask? The questions can vary. I have people asking me questions about health, marriage, relationship, self-development, lost pets, family who passed away, career, a big trip, family issues, ancestral connection or general well-being.

I usually encourage my clients to go to the the center of their heart and ask themselves: ”What do I really want to achieve in this healing session?” It helps a great deal by asking the open-ended questions that start with “What”, “Where”, “How” and “Why” instead of Yes/No questions.

Helping spirits are here to guide us, give us perspectives and spiritual healing, not to make decisions for us. The purpose of shamanic healing is to restore our power to walk on earth with our freewill and power.

Step 2: Set Up A Question

We will then set up a question together in an open-ended question(Start with what, why, how).

For example: "What can I do with the choice of my career in this stage of my life? What message/ treatment can be provided for me?"

The purpose of the questions is to ensure the focus and to  locate where the energy is intense and what has to be dealt with. We can spend some time discussing the question until you find the one that rings the bell in your heart. 

Step 3: Book Your Free Initial Divination

After the question is set up, you will book an initial divination on my booking system here; it is free. Just copy and paste your question on the time you pick. We don't need to meet and you don't need to do anything during your initial divination. An email will be sent to you once I finish it. With your permission, I will ask my helping spirits if we can provide any treatment(s) or message. If they told me yes, I will email  you with the messages and treatment(s) given, the order of the treatment(s) and the explanation of the treatments. If they told me no, I will also email you. Please understand that it’s nothing personal. It’s just my helping spirits and I are not the right ones for your healing at this moment. I will refer you to my colleagues.

Step 4: Receive Intial Divination

After you receive the email of the initial divination, please take some time to feel the message. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

Step 5: Book Your Treatment

If it resonates with you and you would like to go ahead with the treatment, you may book a distance or in-person healing with me. I do not physically travel outside my home office for the treatments.

Distance healing can be booked through my  online booking system here. For in-person session, please email me directly to book a date and time. A major difference in shamanic healing is that clients can't choose to do a particular shamanic treatment they want to do. The treatment(s) are recommended by my helping spirits. They see a bigger picture that we cannot. Therefore, we can't order what we want from the menu. Please book your treatments according to the order provided.

Each session has to be at least 30 days apart. You will need time to process and integrate the healing treatment. Some people have "detox symptoms" physically or emotionally. If you need assistance, feel free to let Mira know. You will only come back for the next session when you feel you are ready. For some, it takes several months to a year. Please connect with your inner knowing and do not rush the treatments.

What Else Do You Need To Know?

1. Invenstment: CAD 80/session (From January 1, 2023, the investment will be CAD100/session). Prepay to secure your spot. 2. Payment method: PayPal/Credit Card/E-Transfer
3.Make an appointment according to the order you received in the initial divination email.
4. Time in a Session: We need 40-80 minutes per session, depending on which treatment we are doing. You will receive details of what to do during the session after you book the session.
5. Cancellation: If you would like to cancel, please give 48 hours notice. If you are 15 minutes late, I will take it as no show. There will be no refund.