Fire Ceremony


What’s Fire Ceremony?

Fire has the transformation power for rapid change.  Having Fire Ceremony is a great way to let go of the old story, unwanted memory, negative emotion or old belief structure. When we stand in front of fire, we can ask for purification and let go of whatever doesn’t serve us anymore.

The best time for Fire Ceremony is during season changes, like equinox, New Moon, Full Moon or New Year. It’s the best time to let go of the old and to welcome the new.

Preparation for Fire Ceremony

  1.  Before the fire is lit, have a quiet time to think of what i need to release? What isn’t serving me anymore?
  2. Write the things that you would like to let go on a small piece of paper. You can write one thing on one piece of paper. Then blow your intention to these pieces of paper so your intention and the paper fuse into one.
  3. Prepare the fire. Candle is good for indoor. But if you can, do it outdoor. You can be closer to mother earth. If you just started to do Fire Ceremony, it’s great to do it at night. This way, you can notice the difference in fire.
  4. Prepare a bucket of water for safety purpose.


  1. If you are doing Fire Ceremony outdoor, place two kindling like the Southern Cross on the bottom of the fire pit. And then build teepee around it. Fires doesn’t have to be big.
  1. Before you light up the fire, stand next to the fire pit and call upon your helping spirits. Use your drum or rattle to sing and dance. Set the intention that a Sacred Space is set around the fire pit. Then light the fire.
  1. Make the fire friendly by putting in 3 offerings of olive oil, sage, or any sacred herb or inscese.
  1. First offering: Show the respect to four directions and then put in a bit offering. When you feel it’s ready, put in the 2nd offering.
  2. Second Offering: Sending respect to Heaven and Earth and then put in some more offering.
  3. Last offering: Show the respect to “all that present”. It could be spirits around, your helping spirits or ancestors.

Once the fire becomes friendly, you may notice the way or the color of the fire changes.

  1. Go to the fire in turn to burn the paper. The rest of the participants can hold the space for the person who’s burning the object. The person who’s burning put the items in one by one. You can either say it out loud or just say it in your heart. AFter everything is burned, blow a big breath to the fire. It symbolizes that all you would like to let go are all in the fire. Quickly put your hand on top of the smoke and fire, and then draw the fire energy to your heart chakra, solar plexus and third eye chakra. By doing this, your energy field is cleansed.
  1. Once everyone is done, everyone put in some offering to the fire to show the appreciation and respect to the Mother Earth.
  1. After everything is done, thank your helping spirits, Heaven and Earth and wait for the fire to be put off by itself.  

After Fire Ceremony

Two weeks after Fire Ceremony, there might be some special opportunities coming into life. You might see the healing and the information you set as intention in the ceremony. Seizing the opportunity to change any old habit and belief and leave the rest to the universe.


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